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Fence Styles Best for Pet Families

Your pet is very important to your family, so it\’s just as important to keep them safe.

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Pets and Fences

According to a survey conducted by the APPA (American Pet Product Association), an estimated 68% of all households in the U.S own a pet, equalling to about 85 million families. Not all these homes have the adequate spacing to roam the yard or property, thus needed a fenced in area for safety.  This will not only protect your pet, but also other people from harm. 

Fence Panels

Paneling within the fence itself is important based on the pet that you are trying to keep in the yard. Having a fence for a home or veterinary clinic is very important in keeping animals safe. A standard fence may not be the best for small animals such as puppies and kittens, due to the spacing between the panels and the overall height of the posts allowing them to get out easier. 

There are puppy specific fences that are created for keeping your puppy inside your yard without having to sacrifice the look aesthetically. There are also dog fence panels, just the space between the posts are not as small, to allow your dog to look through the fence but also tall enough not to jump over the fence.

Fence Styles

Fences for pets don\’t have any standard or style that confines you and your aesthetic. Aside from the common aluminum bar fencing, vinyl fences have the appearance of wood but much less maintenance. 

With any dog, they go through a chewing phase where everything in site must be chewed on, this goes for fences as well. The fence should be durable enough that even the most stubborn chewer cannot get through.  


With any fence, there will need to be a gate to come through. Most standard fences have gates with lockable gravity latches, but some dogs that are smart can figure out how to open these.

Magnetic latches tend to not fully lock if the magnet didn\’t make contact or is blocked. This can pose a problem for bigger dog breeds that can easily force their way through the gate. A general rule of thumb to remember when changing or picking latches is if a 5-year-old can open it, then it isn\’t secure enough for your dog. 


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