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Trex Fencing In Long Grove, Illinois Trex Composite Fencing available in Vertical and Horizontal Designs

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If you are looking for a truly superior fence for your Long Grove, Illinois home or business consider Trex Fencing. Trex Fencing is the ultimate fence when it comes to beauty, quality, and durability. This is the #1 composite fence on the market. Trex Fencing is known for its heavy-duty material and low maintenance material. This composite fencing is made of 95% recycled wood, sawdust, and plastic. Trex® annually keeps more than 400 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap out of landfills. This means you can now enjoy a stunning fence that is also eco-friendly. In fact, composite fencing does not require chemical treatments such as preservatives or stains! Combine this with the durability of the material and you have one of the most environmentally friendly fencing options available. 

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What is Trex Fencing?

Trex Fencing is a brand name for a composite fencing material made from recycled wood and plastic. This winning formula is not only gorgeous but offers an incredible wind rating. The material is designed to provide the look and feel of traditional wood fencing but with superior durability. 

Trex Fencing also offers low maintenance requirements. This is because the material does not require any staining or painting. This material will not rot, splinter, or warp like traditional wooden features. With proper care and maintenance, these composite fences can last 20 years or more!

Many property owners throughout the Long Grove area are requesting Trex Fencing products for privacy fencing and decorative fencing. Contact us today to learn more about the Trex Seclusions Fencing, Horizontal Fencing and gate solutions. 

Trex Fencing Installation Service in Long Grove, Illinois

When installing a new Trex Fence system there are a number of factors that can impact the time it will take to complete the install. One of the biggest determining factors is the size of the area that we will be fencing. Other installation time factors include the complexity of the design, the number of gates being installed, the weather, and the number of our team members are on site. Most Trex fences can be installed in a matter of hours, while some projects may require 1 – 2 days. 


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